USCRC Volunteer List


Sign-Up Sheet/ USCRC Responsibilities-2017  
Committee Chair Barbara Lloyd
Committee Vice Chair Natalie Mihalek
Committee Treasurer Ted Neighbors
Committee Secretary Marilyn Franz
Rules Director Pam Enck  
Rep Development Director Molly Gaussa
Rep Development Assistant Ethan Horvitz
Newsletter Director Beth Ellis  
Newsletter Assistant Jennifer Schuler
Newsletter Assistant Diane Morris
Website Director Beth Ellis  
Website Assistant Jennifer Schuler
Membership Director    
Membership Assistant(s) All Committee Members
Endorsement Committee Chair Jennifer Schuler
Endorsement Committee member Diane Morris
Endorsement Committee member Ethan Horvitz
Endorsement Committee member Marcia Olds
Solicitation Chair Arlene O'Connell
Solicitation Analyst Cathy Mueller
Solicitation Assistant    
Solicitation Assistant    
Community Day (5/20/17) Chair Lorraine Davies
  Purchase food/supplies Bethany Salmen
  Set Up Booth (7-10)    
  Set Up Booth (7-10)    
  Grill (10-3) Bill Babcock
  Grill (10-3)    
  French Fries (8-12)    
  French Fries (8-12)    
  French Fries (12-4)    
  French Fries (12-4)    
  Counter Help (11-4)    
  Counter Help (11-4)    
  Counter Help (11-4)    
  Clean-up (3-6) Marcia Olds
  Clean-up (3-6)    
  Clean-up (3-6)    
Annual Dinner Chair Lorraine Davies
  Set up (12-2)    
  Set up (12-2)    
  Set up (12-2)    
  Set up (12-2)    
  Auction Coordinator    
  Auction items All Committee Members
  Registration table Marcia Olds
  Registration table    
  50/50 sales at table     
  50/50 sales on floor    
  Auction sales at table    
  Invitations Barb Lloyd
  Invitation RSVP    
  Invitation Assistant    








Regularly Scheduled Meetings are held the third Wednesday of every month at the USC Old Rec Center,  

1770 McLaughlin Run Road, 

 Meetings begin at 7:30 PM

unless otherwise specified.






January 17, 2018

February 21. 2018

March 21, 2018

April 18, 2018

May 9. 2018

June 20, 2018