The two main goals of the Upper St Clair Republican Committee are:

  1.  To endorse the best candidates for local offices.
  2.  To help get the Republican voters to the polls on Election Day

The job of a Republican committee member is extremely important because: 

  1. Committee members represent the registered Republican voters in their neighborhoods. There is one committee man and one committee woman position in every precinct (Ward/District)  
  2. Committee members also represent the Republican Committee of Allegheny County to the voters in their precinct (Ward/District)
  • To many people, THE COMMITTEE PERSON IS THE REPUBLICAN PARTY, since he or she is the first and most accessible GOP contact, and often the only link between the Party and the People

Committee members: 

  1. Must be registered Republicans residing in Upper St Clair for one year
  2. Are elected by the registered Republican voters in the Presidential Primary Election
  3. Serve a four-year term

Membership Duties

  • Attend 10 monthly meetings each year. - No meetings in August and December
  • Know your district. Know your voters.Talk to your voters
  • Work with your committeeman/woman in your precinct
  • Participate in the endorsement process and attend endorsement meetings
  • Recruit new volunteers to the committee
  • Aid candidates running for office in preparing their petitions-Febuary/March
  • Participate in at least one standing committee
  • Support Republican fundraisers


  • Register new residents and teens turning 18 in your Ward/District

Election Period(s):

  • Assist voters in obtaining absentee ballots
  • Distribute candidate information in their district.  If requested, Committee members should accompany candidates door to door
  • Pick up poll bags at few days prior to election day.  It contains your material for that election

Election day:

  • Recruit and schedule poll watchers for the entire time the polls are open
  • Display all candidates signs at your election poll


  • Membership is considered after attending three USCRC meetings and completion of a membership application which should be turned in before your first meeting. USCRC members in attendance at the third meeting vote on new members. The committee must have a member quorum to vote on new membership.   A majority committee vote is needed for membership approval.
  • No Committee member shall publicly support a candidate who is running against an endorsed republican candidate.
  • Full members are granted voting rights; associate members are not.




Regularly Scheduled Meetings are held the third Wednesday of every month at the USC Old Rec Center,  

1770 McLaughlin Run Road, 

 Meetings begin at 7:30 PM

unless otherwise specified.






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